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How extruded curb machine could increase your business


An range of extruded curb machine to feet your needs

For commercial or landscape purpose, one of the Curbilder © extruded curb machine will certainly answer your needs.


extruded curb machine

A wide range of commercial extruded curb machine

AJC offer a wide range of extruder to curb concrete and asphalt curb and concrete gutter too. MC550 et MC650 models allow small company to curb with very low budget. These commercial curb machine is suitable to pour small and medium size concret and asphalt curbs.

The MC850 model, more powerfull and more multipurpose, allows to extrude bigger curb and small gutter with a good productivity of hundreds of meter long per day.

The MC900 model is the most powerfull Curbilder © curb machine . After some times of experience, this machine allows to curb high level works. You will be abble to pour 60 centimeters high concrete curbs and 40cm to 45cm wide gutter, without lossing productivity.

extruded curb in progress

To perform professionnal high quality curb and gutter

The works done thanks to the Curbilder © extruder have been tested for resistance and distortion by privaty laboratories through European countries. Results show that curbs issue from a Curbilder © extruded curb machine comply with national and international requirements (done with concrete directly issue from a ready mixt concrete plant).

Extruded curb is a satisfaying alternative solution to traditional precast curb.

The high quality level of extruded curb poured with a Curbilder © extruded curb machine satisfy to public procurement.

So you find here a very important development for public works business.

A productivity which keeps the Curbilder © extruded curb machine far ahead of competitors

Specific tehcnology, US made quality and power of the Curbilder © extruded curb machine provide a quality-productivity mix which permit to save money and increase profitability.

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